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Stress Management

Do you feel stressed, grumpy, or  do you experience a frequent change of moods?


Do you feel tired after a modest

effort and not fit after a good night sleep?


When you have no clear medical explanation for this, you may experience physical symptoms from building stress for too long a period. A disbalance between body and mind.


Olavi Coaching & Consultancy offers individual support when you suffer from symptoms of burnout, continuous stress or feeling down for longer periods of time.

We help you to re-discover the essence of your life and restore balance.



Olavi Coaching & Consultancy does not offer standard solutions!

Everyone is unique. You are you and therefore you deserve a specific and unique form of support.


We wish your enjoying life to the fullest, being able to kindly say NO and to gain trust that everything is just as it is meant to be.


You can choose to (re-)experience real passion and love.



Stress Management



"I am here on Earth to learn my lessons of life and to share my insights with other people"



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