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Personal Coaching

Sometimes one experiences periods of not knowing how to move forward. You want to take a decision but you do not have the courage. Too many thoughts without getting clarity.


Personal Coaching by Olavi helps to:

  • discover light in situations of darkness 
  • get clarity in fuzzy situations and mixed feelings
  • process unfinished business related to experiences from the past

Usually you will enter into a space with new directions and possibilities.

Olavi Coaching & Consultancy preferrably works with face to face coaching sessions and applies many different methodologies and techniques, all depending on what works best for you.


  • N.L.P ( Neuro Linguïstic programming)
  • Enneagram (Coaching in alignment with your Enneagram type)
  • T.A (Transactional Analysis)
  • Family arrangements
  • Aura Reading & Healing
  • Course in Miracles & Undoing the Ego
Kayak Coaching

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