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Olavi Coaching & Consultancy 

assists your MT and HR department with effective implementation and deployment of competency management in a technical environment.


Olavi Coaching & Consultancy 

provides service companies with technical assessments for service / installation engineers and service co-ordinators


Olavi Coaching & Consultancy  offers teambuilding in a technical setting. Both for Management Teams and other levels.  

Sometimes one can notice a lack of passion among co-workers.

Quite often this is related to not knowing what direction the company is going. Like a ship without rudder. Moving forward but not knowing to which destination.


People are the most important link in your organisation:  by creating clarity, trust and by developing effective leadership in a modestly performing environment, health related absenteism and negativity will disappear as snow in the sun.

Olavi Coaching & Consultancy


Only until there is trust within the MT, trust, clarity and passion will emerge within operational levels. 

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